Place To Place Fitness

Place To Place Fitness is a fitness startup based in London, that has created a solution for busy people who want to optimise their health and fitness.

Place To Place Fitness
• Brand Strategy
• Brand Identity
• Webflow Website

The Brief

Place To Place Fitness approached us with their overall startup idea, and wanted to go through the full startup brand development process. Their overarching goal was to be a brand that serves their community the most.

Our Approach


Before designing their visual identity or building their website, a brand strategy is required to form the foundation of the brand and provide consistency throughout. We narrowed down on the target audience, the core of the brand and rough competitive analysis. The brand strategy was heavily built on leading and serving the brands community.


Using the brand strategy and keeping the audience in mind, we designed a brand identity that's distinct, memorable and consistent. We differentiated the brand from it's competitors by designing a brand identity that was focused on providing structure, freedom, and self-development.


After we established the brand strategy and identity, we discussed the website goals and the crucial information that it must contain. After going through the main design phases, we built the website in Webflow and linked the 'log in' button to their program platform that they've already created. The website was designed to direct users through a very specific path, that aligned with the brands objectives.

The Outcome

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